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Robbie Khan

vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark

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Lily Collins attends the ‘Love, Rosie’ premiere in Rome (October 19)

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"What do you feel most guilty about?""I just left my therapist’s office. So nothing."

“I was doing time for armed robbery when I found out that my daughter had been killed. Her and my son-in-law had been doing hallucinogens, and he was choking her because that is supposed to make a better orgasm, but he cut off her air too long and ended up killing her. Instead of calling the police, he sat on her body for three days then dumped it behind a 7-11. I was so angry when they called and told me, I pulled up a footlocker that was bolted to the ground. I’m skinny but I’m strong as hell. My wife couldn’t take it, and she OD’d. They found her in the bathroom with one hundred empty bags of heroin. She’d fallen in the bathtub and hit her head on the soap dish. When they called and told me that, I tried to hang myself with my bedsheets.”

Last night we camped out on a giant disc structure on top of a mountain that overlooks all of Los Angeles county. It was a good night.

fuck school 
Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.
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The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.
by Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening  (via sk-cum)

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parallel lives

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Lately, feminists like Annie Lennox, bell hooks and Emma Watson have taken issue with Beyoncé’s sexual openness. While trying to discredit Beyoncé as a feminist, they seem to have forgotten one of the most important parts of Chimamanda’s speech in ***Flawless.

"What does a lady dress like, exactly? And who decided what a lady looks like? What bearing should one’s clothing have on one’s identification as a feminist? This is exactly the kind of misogynist policing we’ve fought tooth and claw against for decades, and to level this line of “reasoning” at Beyoncé is not only antifeminist, it is despicable." (x)

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Maybe Sam Pepper should have watched this episode.

Even a children’s show character knows the importance of consent.